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Life is not easy, it has to be easy ...

Life is not easy, it has to be easy ...
Best Inspirational Article in Hindi
Uncomfortableness and success
Friends, you must have heard a song from the movie Avatar that "how much is there in the world". This is not just the song but the real reality of life. We always complain that there is a shortage of things in me or I do not have it. But no one understands that this is the truth of life that no human has ever been able to become perfect, there is something missing in it. Nobody takes everything from birth or becomes absolutely perfect, he tries to make himself whole on his own thinking and abilities. Before going into its depth I want to share a story with you guys -

In a forest, there was a bird of Navrang, which was very beautiful. She was the most beautiful in the forest. All animal birds considered it best Whenever someone praised her beauty she would be happy, then she would be happy. It was the month of spring, one day Koyal was making everybody's ears happy with its sweet voice. When his voice was heard in the ears of Navrang, all his happiness became distraught and he realized that his feathers are beautiful, he is beautiful, but his voice is not as good. He can not sing like a cuckoo. In this sad situation, he was sitting sad, only then a friend of his friend reached there. Navrang told all his troubles to the monkey. The monkey started to laugh loudly and said, 'You are so stupid, you saw it that you do not have a cuckoo's voice, but did you try to see that Koyal does not have the beauty of yours like you. Monkey said that God has created everyone for different purposes and purpose and given different talents to all, that is why you should refine your own talent and be proud of your talent.

Friends, this small story makes us understand that God has not given equal form, color, quality, talent to all, but it is all the deception of our eyes that others have more talents than others or others are superior to us and that Like we always consider ourselves low.

Find yourself the lack of
Guys, most people keep looking for weaknesses in others, due to which they can never make themselves complete. If you want to be successful then you have to make yourself perfect, you will have to find faults, you will have to accept your own mistakes, then you will be able to stand yourself on the path of success.

Make Your Weakness Your Strength
Friends Every person has some weakness due to which they are able to find themselves behind in the race for life but should they really be? No! Many such souls have been born in this world whose weaknesses or their life will not have any weaknesses, but in spite of such weaknesses, they never give up in their lives and count the number of successful humans. I'm going to tell you some people like this -

Sudha Chandran
You know all the prominent dancers like Sudha Chandran. He was a good dancer since childhood but when he was 16, his bus bone was broken in a bus accident and artificial legs were planted. Despite this, he continued his dance and never gave up. He struggled. Tried to face difficulties and not let disability become a weakness. He achieved success on his own will. Today she is not only a good dancer but also a good actress. He has worked in many films and TV serials. There was a film on his biography which was also honored. Today, if Sudha Chandran would sit down with his weakness, then he could never reach this point.

Walt Disney
Whenever it comes to Cartoon World, Walt Disney's name comes in the top. They had learning disabilities. Their success was not easy to travel. They used to think and do anything in their life. But Vault did not give up on its failure. He started his business several times, but he failed miserably in it. Their failures can not be counted. They wanted great success, therefore, made their disability their strength and did not stop using their creative ideas. The story of their failure is very frightening. It is believed that they failed almost 300 or more times but they did not give up and created a different history. Their Walt Disney Company's turnover is $ 35 billion. Walt Disney used to say - "If you can dream it, you can do it" That means - "If you can dream you can complete it".

Stephen Hawking
Famous scientists such as Stephen Hawking have made significant contributions in the field of science. Their life has been very difficult since the beginning. They had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, in which the parts of the body stopped working slowly but they never let their weakness be restrained between their dreams and continued their studies. That's why he could show his talent and invented so many whom we never imagined. They have said that -

"If you are always angry and keep on cursing yourself, then nobody will have the time for you. "

Arunima Sinha
Arunima is the surest example of making your biggest weakness the biggest strength. After a few events with Arunima, hardly anyone could dream of doing something bigger in their life.


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